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A Petition to Magic


A Petition to Magic

A Petition to Magic

"Graham Downs opens the door to a fantasy world in his short story, A Petition to Magic, a world of emotions, trust, self-searching and enchanted characters that will definitely leave readers wanting more."

Queen Celeste rose to the throne of Virdura a month ago, after the sudden death of her mother.

Desperate to prove herself, she agrees to hear the case of a simple farmer who claims a neighbour stole his cow.

To help her in this task, she orders her chief advisor, the royal wizard Solon, to cast a spell and divine the truth for her. Solon, however, is keeping a terrible secret. He is unable to perform any magic, and he cannot afford to let the queen find out the reason why.

(A Petition to Magic is a short fantasy story)

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ISBN Numbers

For your reference, here are the ISBN numbers for the various formats of A Petition to Magic:
  • Paperback: 1304801519 / 9781304801517
  • E-book: 9781301232055 (Smashwords Edition) / 9781386504764 (Alternative e-pub edition). The ISBN of the now out-of-print Booktango Edition is 9781468926125.

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